Why Isn’t My Website Ranking?

why is my website not ranking

Ranking your website to the page of Google means you have successfully established your company as an authority in your industry. It greatly enhances company exposure and gives you high conversion rates.

So, why is your website stuck on the 10th page of Google? Why isn’t it ranking at all? The answer is simple: There are millions of other websites that offer the same services as you do. 

The competition is tough, and if you don’t step up your game, your competitors will outrank you in no time.

Ranking your website is no easy task, you’re going to invest a lot of time in making sure your website is under the favor of Google’s algorithm. Here are the top reasons why your website isn’t ranking:

  • You’re not investing enough time

SEO is anything but an overnight process. In fact, ranking takes a lot of your time as consistency is one of the keys to the SEO game.

You need to do things in order, there’s no point in building millions of links it doesn’t convert. Invest time in researching and creating, so you can produce quality content. 

Google is going to take time to notice there are changes made on your website, and it’ll east up time to determine if whether your content adds value or not.

On average, the search algorithm is going to take 4 to 12 months before you can see changes in search ranking results. 

  • Website looks great, but it’s not optimized

Your website is designed by an experienced and skilled graphic designer, why isn’t it helping your site ranking? It might be because your website is not search engine optimized. 

It might look amazing, but there may be a few lapses you haven’t taken into consideration yet. Take time to check if there’s duplicate or outdated content on your website.

Is your navigation bar confusing for people to use? Do you have split keyword focus? Did you possibly miss the meta and alt tags?  Or are you poorly updating content?

These are things you need to take into account. After all, SEO is not only skin-deep.

  • No web exposure

Links still play a big impact on search engines, and they’ll probably remain significant in the next decade or so. While it’s true that there are millions of ways on how you can get them, there are just links not worth the risk.  

Ideally, your content should have good links coming from a variety of sources. They could be from no-follow, authority sites, and normal ones.

Purchasing links isn’t recommendable, and engaging in link schemes is not an option. Build links the old-fashioned way to avoid getting penalized.

  • Your website could be attacked

There’s a chance that there might unethical webmasters attacking your website. Some websites could be republishing your blog content without your knowledge. Or they could be feeding links from malicious websites.

  • You got penalized

If you have been sanctioned to the Manual Action penalty, you can be completely wiped off from Google’s page results. It’s obvious if you got penalized though as your rankings would drop significantly despite ranking well for a long period of time.

When this happens to you, the best thing you could do is to make sure to follow Google Manual Actions report. Comply with the search engine’s guidelines, and you won’t experience trouble.

  • SEO is not a vacuum

The neighbors of SEO plays a factor in your ranking as well, this includes social media, PPC, and other forms on online undertakings.

If the only thing you’re thinking about is product movement, then you have it all wrong. You have to pay attention to your total mentions on the internet, Facebook and Twitter engagement, and other figures. 

While there are rankings that affect more than the rest, covering all bases would be beneficial to you. The goal here is to build a community that grows with your brand. 

For example, if you’re active on Facebook marketing, and have built a large number of following, it means there are more people to open your links and read your content. Ultimately, it leads to higher revenue. 

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