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This is a great starter local GMB Optimization Plan for any SEO agency with clients or the DIY person looking for extra help who are on a low budget and want to get their feet wet and start to see some results before upgrading. Great for small sized clients and sites that will not go past 10 pages. We handle the full on page and off page factors with monthly monitoring. May not be best for highly competitive niches which may sometimes require more aggressive work larger than even our gold plan. You must contact us with the website before ordering plans, especially on your first order.

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    Urls can be changed when needed

    Urls that you want focused on asside from homepage.

    Under 120 characters

    At least 300 characters

    All social media accounts if available: youtube, twitter, facebook etc.

    Site/Company Info

    A lot of the information below is used to properly fill out details on directories, citations and for press releases. It is important to fill this out accurately and consistently if it has been used anywhere online before.

    Used for Press Releases

    Used for Press Releases

    Used for Press Releases

    Used for Press Releases

    Used for Press Releases

    Used for Press Releases

    GMB, search console and analytics we will need to be granted access. Contact us if you need help with doing this. 

    Important to rank in other areas you are able to serve.

    Includes review generation system which includes followups, up to 40 citation location management and GMB posting tool.

Estimated Ready Date

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We only accept content management system sites such as WordPress that we can have access and fully design, use and edit. HTML sites not accepted or may be billed an additional rate. All other platforms will not see the full benefits on this package or what we do on the backend and are more difficult to work with.

Based on the plan pricing it the difference in the plans is really the amount of time spent monthly increasing the variables. The larger the city and the more popular the industry makes everything a bit harder to rank.

  • Low populated area – 250,000 or less
  • You aren’t in a competitive niche like law and wanting to rank for personal attorney terms.
  • Mid populated area of around 4-500,000 population
  • You are in a mid competition niche.  For example, if you are in the max populated area and trying to work on law terms this is going to be tough, it’s not impossible, but it could take longer.
  • Highly competitive niches and higher populated areas.  However, this may not work for extremely high profit niches like NY Attorney where budgets can be in the millions.

You will receive monthly reports and keyword tracking.

Local Google My Business SEO Process:

A general overview of what will be done during our service:

  • GMB Optimization
  • Geo Tagging
  • Google Map Stacks
  • Local Viking Tracking
  • Social Citations
  • GEO and Niche Silos
  • Social Brand Creation
  • Citations
  • GMB Content
  • Image Optimization
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Niche Content Writing
  • GMB Posts
  • GMB Photo Creation
  • Link Building
  • GMB Q & A
  • Branded Links
  • Press Releases
  • Google Map Creation
  • GEO Networks
  • Also includes GMB Setup and Optimization, Search Console and analytics setup if not done so already.  We will advise of any major site issues that may incur additional fees to be resolved such as adding ssl, site errors, speed issues, code cleanup or bad themes.

Above is a general guide not exact plan services will be added or removed as needed. Please note this is NOT a full seo service focused around ranking in organic or national search but more focused around Local GMB. We will not be building out large amounts of pages and doing heavy work on the website directly, this would be an upgrade.

Terms and special notes:

For local businesses to rank an address is required to be shown for best results (it may be hidden where possible especially on Google and Yelp, suggested to be shown else where for max impact. This is the pros and cons of local). Note it is very much encouraged to have a local business address if you want to rank locally in the maps as a service business especially as you will at a big disadvantage.

Any renewable/subscriptions plans must be canceled 5 days prior to next months renewal date and non-cancellable after 48 hours. We have no contracts however we strongly advise at least 6 months to fully see best results. Sometimes changes can take 1-2 months to show any effects. SEO is an investment, not a magic bullet. Google has been extremely volatile and making a lot of changes in many industries. All SEO campaigns are suggested to run PPC campaigns in the starting months either as a managed service or done by yourself.

Orders will renew on the same date next month and all subscription details can be found in my account.

Updates will be provided the project dashboard and emails. Any requests and updates please use the dashboard tickets related to this specific project as you may have several projects with us.

See marketplace for many other great addon services.

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