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These Local Citation Builder Services for SEO help establish your online brand. Our Local Citations will Increase Brand Visibility and can Drive Real Traffic – Features Consistent NAP, Business Info, and Authority Back Links

  • Site/Company Info

    A lot of the information below is used to properly fill out details on directories, citations and for press releases. It is important to fill this out accurately and consistently if it has been used anywhere online before.

    Used for Press Releases

    Used for Press Releases

    Used for Press Releases

    Used for Press Releases

    Used for Press Releases

    Used for Press Releases

    Used for Press Releases

    • $

    Important to rank in other areas you are able to serve.

    • $

    Under 120 characters

    At least 300 characters

    All social media accounts if available: youtube, twitter, facebook etc.

    • $

Estimated Ready Date



  •  Top directories + Niche +Geo + Web2.0 Sites
  •  We Spin Descriptions
  •  Provide a full citation audit to make sure there is no duplicates
  •  Upload Logo/Photo
  •  Indexing to make sure Google finds all the links
  •  Detail Report of all links and login information
  •  6-8 Days

Yes we can do both of these. New submissions are very straight forward. Claiming or editing of existing listings is more complicated and the approach depends on the directory in question. Some directories allow email verification for claiming listings while others require phone verification.  If we are unable to claim a listing then we will submit an ‘edit’ to the listing via other means provided.

Most local directories entail a user to input the following information about their business:

  • The business’s website URL addresses
  • Any keywords associated with the business
  • A couple of words describing the type of business
  • Names of the business and the owner
  • Business address
  • Contact numbers (phone and/or fax)
  • Email address
  • The founding date of the business
  • How many employees work for the business
  • The hours of operation
  • A video link about the business (or a promotional video)
  • Any links to social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, and Instagram.
  • The brand or business logo
  • Any photos related to your business or brand

Please make sure to deliver us with all the available information at the time of placing your order. You may also provide us with a list of local directories that you would like to see your business listed on.

It is out of our control to assert whether these listings will become live or not. Having said that, from our past experiences it is known that a vast majority of the listings that we submit do become live, especially on the auto-approving directories. We do include indexation services to ensure that search engines check the page. We can’t guarantee but can ensure that we try our best to make your submitted list alive.

Are all links going to be indexed?
Although we do submit to indexation services it is not guaranteed. One PRO TIP, all links received, create a sub page on the website and link out to all the pages and then submit the page in search console. This process gives a direct signal to Google that those citations are important and tends to have a good result.


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