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Cora SEO Audit Report Services: How to Rank #1

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Cora SEO Audit Services

Get rank #1 in Google – Know what the pros know!

Looking for a Cora SEO Audit Review? Reviews are a great way to see if you like the tool, without a monthly subscription of over $200 or need for a coupon. Most people only need a few reports done per month and this helps that need. Cora takes SEO to a statistical math level and analyzes actual data and not just what people say in the forums.

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If you have ever had an experience with SEO software, false claims and get rich quick schemes must be nothing new to you! But Cora SEO Audit keywords report tool is totally different. This real software will give you real results with a real audit plan. If you are new to this tool, go through the developer information at SEO Tool Lab.

Download a sample report here.

cora seo audit

Cora is a whole other level of software. If you need a way to land a big fish, this will seal the deal with impressive data. They will be blown away by actual data that shows what needs to be done to rank. Cora SEO Audit is the premier seo tool to help you rank in Google.

Cora compares 520 different Google ranking factors from the top 100 page results for a given keyword and relates them all together to give you an exact roadmap to get to page 1 ranking. What this basically means is that Cora will give you the exact number of things to fix on your website like h1, tags, sentences, words, keywords to get on page 1.

If you follow these instructions it is pretty much guaranteed to get you on at least page 1. An instructional video will be provided in order to explain the basic process of the reports.

What you get when you buy a Cora SEO Audit Report? 

2-6 keyword reports based on 1-3 url/link per gig ordered 

The gig is for 1 url per order, you get up to 2 keyword reports for that url. Example  keywords 1. dentist in Miami, 2. kids dentist. You do not have to submit 2-6 keywords if you do not have or want to check these other words, the price stays the same as it is based on url /link not changing.

All I need is 2-6 keywords depending on the package that you are trying to rank for and your websites domain name. If your keyword ranks in the top 100 I need a domain only, if it does not I need the exact URL of the page you are trying to rank, root domains will not work.

Adding the ahref backlink data adds an extra level of data, as you know backlinks are very important and so is page content which makes this the perfect match.

If you need SEO implementation services we can do this also – backlinks, on page, web design and off page factors – everything.

If you are a newbie or just need some extra help as we have been told the amount of data can be overwhelming we now provide a video walkthrough of your report guiding better than what the developer has provided.

Turnaround time 2-3 days, additional 2-3 days with walkthrough report. Contact us for any details or queries!

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2 keywords 1 url, 4 keywords 2 urls, 6 keywords 3 urls


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