Reasons For A Website Not Getting Ranked

reasons for a website not ranking

You must focus to get to the top of search engine result pages to enhance exposure of your client. Better rankings can mark the site as an authoritative identity in the niche and give the sales you wish for.

Given the benefits of good SERP rank, you must question yourself why isn’t the client site ranking? If you feel that you have been putting a lot of efforts in the marketing strategy for your client, but not getting the desired results there can be many reasons.

You must know the reasons for why is the website not getting ranked:

1) You do not give enough time to SEO

The given blog issued by Forbes, the time needed to get the desired results depends on many factors. The factors may be-

  • The sites’ profile link
  • The age of the website
  • The previous SEO services you took
  • The current site health
  • The site content and much more.seo takes time

SEO involves important steps like site auditing, deciding and implementing the strategy, and starting with the process. Once the process starts, it takes time for Google to crawl the site and notice the changes made.

You must have the patience for at least 4 to 6 months to get the desired results. It is a long going process and you must act wisely. Rather than taking SEO services for just a few months, go for full seo services to make sure your client gets a steady improvement in ranking.

2) Use of proper keywords

Many types it happens that our intention of using a keyword might not match with its meaning for Google. Your client might want his site to rank for a term that has a totally different meaning for Google. That will not just be a waste of your efforts but also time and money.

For example, consider the keyword “SEO”.

website not getting ranked

For Google, it will take it as a query that demands more details on the word and will show results that discuss SEO in detail. So if you are trying to rank your SEO agency for the term SEO, you might have to revise your keywords. Always go through the first SERP for your keyword and see the type of results it shows. If it shows the results relates to your intended purpose, you are going on the right track. But if the results are completely different, you must refine your keywords.

3) Go beyond the Web designing

No matter how much you spend on designing the website for your client, Google might not acknowledge it. Web design is something on the outer level. The quality of the site is equally important. SEO is not dependant on the site design. There may be many factors that are stopping the site of your client from getting ranked-

  • The site has duplicate content
  • The content is insufficient or too little
  • Old and poor quality content
  • Improper site navigation
  • More than one pages have similar focus keywords
  • Incomplete meta tags, alt tags, and schema markup
  • No means to put a new fresh content

4) Your efforts are going unnoticed

There are many ways of getting links to the site you are working on. Not all of them are good enough to give you the results. A good link base is important to develop a web authority. Get links from some good sites. Never try to buy links or go for link schemes. Go for natural link building.

Poor link profile may lead the site in the wrong direction. Your client may be flagged by Google for using unfair and unethical means to get site rank.

His site may become a target to inject malicious code and viruses. Or the content on his site might be copied and republished by poor quality sites. If you put his site link on a false website, the link farm may get polluted. Google is pretty smart in picking up such negative SEO and give a penalty.

5) Google penalty

avoid google penaltyOne reason why a site is not getting ranked can also be that it has been penalized by Google. If you notice sudden downfall in the rank, you must check for a penalty.

You must check the Manual actions report for the site you are working on by Google webmasters, and correct the faults. The possible reasons to get a site penalty by Google can be-

  • The site has been hacked and someone is putting malicious content on it
  • Comment spamming on forums and blogs.
  • A part of pages hosted is spammy
  • The site markup structure does not abide by the guidelines.
  • Poor and unnatural links directing to your site
  • Your site has some malicious and unnatural links
  • Poor and low content quality on the site
  • Manipulating images to get more site clicks
  • Hidden texts and stuffing keywords

6) You may be mishandling the site

SEO exists along with its related services like content marketing, social media management, and PPC. Online marketing is a lot more than just SEO. Every point must be considered to get the best results.

Factors such as user time on site, clickthroughs, number of social media mentions and engagement on social media are important. Some of them have a direct impact on your site.

Regular social media posting is not the only thing. Try to increase the online community for your client on social media. Increase their followers. More followers mean more site visitors. These factors may give you even more than just good SERP ranks. You may get more clients and thus more sales.

7) Your client has strong competition

Your loss may be the gain of your competitor. Every link that you are losing for your client might work in the favor of their competitor. Any content idea in your mind and not published might favor your competitor.

SEO can never be enough. Competitors might always be adopting the best of best practices to outdo your SEO tactics. It is pretty obvious that someone who has been doing SEO for a longer time than you will have a better online reputation than yours.

Beat your competition in seo

You have to continuously work towards getting better day by day to get to that level. Keep in mind that you are doing SEO against the competitors for your client and not Google. Just abide by the guidelines prescribed by Google.

You may think that taking big long steps will give quick results. But it is sometimes the small changes that work in your favor. Some small changes on the website can make huge differences for your client business and brand. Give the process a little time and do not rush for quick results. Analyze the present site health and make the necessary changes.