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What are Niche Edits ?

Niche Edit links or Curated links is an anchor text or “link” placed with niche specific website content or blogs. Since we are not writing a full article the prices are much cheaper. The niche edit service by LinkfireSEO offers the best and high-quality link placement for your clients. Whether you are an agency, web designer or a freelancer, our buy niche edits, service gives white hat backlinks to your clients.

Our team does manual outreach for the best existing content. We then contact the actual owner of that content to let us insert the link of your client website to make the content even better. We choose only those articles or blogs that already has some good online presence or viewership.

A content that has been there for a long time has a good web authority and is a great place to place your link. You just have to provide us with the anchor text, URL and niche of the client website you are offering us. Leave the rest to us!

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Benefits of Curated Links


  • Improved and better search engine ranks
  • 100% genuine and white hat backlinks
  • Best and desired results
  • Links placed on high DA websites

How we do niche edits SEO?

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We go through our huge database of different websites and blog owners. Then we find the best domain to place the given URL on the desired anchor text. We get in touch with the site or blog owner to put our link on their content.

You can also provide us with some websites that you think will be great to put the client links on. Our packages are well suited and designed for every requirement and budget.

Your link is placed on real websites that are made by a real person and not any PBN. The older the referring site will be, the better will the rank of your client site. Link placement is done only on niche relevant websites

Why choose LinkfireSEO for Niche edits service?

We can provide niche edits service to you at affordable rates. Our services will help you to generate good and profitable revenue for you. We do not believe in PBNs and neither do we use them. We use only genuine good authority websites to place the links.

While you manage the other aspects of SEO services for your clients, niche edit can be done efficiently by our team. We will help you develop a 100% genuine backlink profile for your client. We will research the best content from the related niche only. At Linkfire, we do not practice black hat seo techniques.

Any report on our work that we provide you will be a completely white label. We will not include our logo, brand name or watermark. There will no trace of any third party doing the job. You can take the report as it is and hand it over to your client or make any changes if needed.


Our Process to acquire Curated Links

  1. First, you select the URLs & Anchor text and Niche. We look for a relevant page/post for you, based on the metrics you have chosen or your package.
  2. Then we start with the outreach. We try to outreach directly and get a link placement within the content.
  3. Exact url and matrix are delivered to you.

We acquire links for you from only 100% genuine and real website. We offer only completely white hat service. professionals and site owners place the link personally in existing content.

Automotive: Auto dealers, Motorcycle dealers, Auto Financing, Auto Repair, Car Rental, Window Tinting

Legal: Lawyers, Divorce Lawyers, Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Estate Planning, Business Formation

Insurance: Car, Life, Health, Dental, Independent Agents, Annuities

Profession Services: Accountants/CPAs, Financial Planners, Consultants, HR Specialists

Real Estate: Realtors, Home Inspectors, Home Appraisers, Mortgage, Brokers, Real Estate, Investors, Foreclosure/Short Sale, Movers

Events: Florists, Catering, Photography/Videography, Disc Jockeys, Weddings, Limousine, Personal Chefs, Event Planners

Health and beauty: Hair salons, Nail salons, Day spas, Cosmetic, Surgery, Dermatologists, Tanning, Chiropractors, Dental, Gyms, Personal Trainers, Weight loss specialists, Dieticians, Massage Therapists, Cannibis/CBD

Education: Private schools, Technical training centers, Vocational training, Univerities, Colleges

Travel: Travel Agents, Small non chain hotels, Resorts, Timeshares

Construction/Home Services: Air Conditioning, Heating, Handyman, Heating And Cooling, Housekeeping/Maid Services, Painters, Plumbers, Bathroom, Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling, General Contractors, Pest Control, Carpet Cleaning, Decks & Porches, Pools & Spas, Roofing, Fencing, Landscaping, Siding, Flooring, Locksmiths, Glass repair, Security Systems, Interior Designers, Home Theater Services

Misc: Child care, Veterinarians, Pet groomers, Tattoo shops, Karate, Digital marketing, Web Design, Cannabis/CBD, Adult Links

and many more!!

Why is quality link placement important?

niche edits

If you want your clients to rank higher on SERPs, it is important that the maximum number of websites point to the website of your client. But those websites should have high DA. It will contribute to our even better backlink profile of your client.

PBNs are a big no! It is a very wrong way to get ranking on SERP. The site might even get a penalty by Google. The results with PBN are also very slow, as they are categorized as wholesale backlinks.

Google always keep a track of which domain has expired and used by someone else. If someone is picking up an expired domain and using that for a completely different niche than the original one, Google will drop it down. And along with it, all the sites that had their links on it will drop down to.

Sample Niche Edit Prices

1x Tester

DA 10+ Link


One time fee

  • You get one niche relevant link with a minimum of 20-50 referring domains
  • Links in content/sites with your niche
  • Real sites, no pbns, clean sites.

20x Bulk Link Pack

DA 10+ Link


One time fee each

  • You get 20x niche relevant link with a minimum of 20-50 referring domains
  • Mix as many urls, niches or anchors as you like
  • Links in content/sites with your niche
  • Real sites, no pbns, clean sites.

10x Bulk Link Pack

DA 10+ Link


Monthly fee each

  • You get 10x niche relevant link with a minimum of 20-50 referring domains
  • Mix as many urls, niches or anchors as you like
  • Links in content/sites with your niche
  • Real sites, no pbns, clean sites.

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