Does Link Building For One Page Helps Other Pages To Rank

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Good backlinks to a website are always beneficial for the website ranking. Though link building takes time & efforts, extensive link building is also somewhat illegal according to Google. Creating good unique content and distributing it on good websites is the most preferred “legal” option by Google.

But not all pages allow being easily linked to. In some unique niche websites, the category or the landing pages face such issue. So separate pages have to be created just for the purpose of getting a link to them. A website with minimum technical errors and good content will eventually rank well with plenty of sites linking to it.

But the target pages are usually the category and landing pages and not these separately created pages. This article is dedicated to finding out whether getting links for some particular page help other pages to rank.


Importance of Domain Authority

Let us suppose you start a new website. What will be your priority?

  1. A new domain with no activity
  2. A well-established domain with many good quality backlinks

The second option is what everyone will select. And the reason behind it is the domain authority. The domain has already established a good web authority. But you can not trust just any existing domain that is on sale. You must consider the reason they are on sale, maybe they have many spammy backlinks and is penalized!

There are 4 basic factors that define a domain authority-

  1. The online reputation of the website and its owners
  2. Content quality
  3. The point of focus of the website
  4. The competition for the website

The age of the domain is a very important factor. No matter whether the content quality is good, new domains do not generally do well. Even if the content on the old domains is nothing in comparison to the new ones, still they will rank because of their established web authority.

Examples of pages with lesser links ranking better due to their domain

In these examples, we will consider the top 3 results for any search query. However, if you go beyond 3, the total number of links pointing to the websites will keep on decreasing. These examples will explain that even though a particular page has more external links pointing to it, other pages will perform better because of the overall authority of their domain.

Let us start:


As you can see, the top search result domains end with .gov and .org. This proves that links are not the only factor that contributes to domain authority. Such domains are not easy to get as they need official formalities and paperwork. Such domains are considered to be of high authority by Google.

Now let us take these pages and check their backlinks on Cognitive SEO site explorer tool.

domain authority

You can see that the “wikihow” page has lesser links than the “help guide” page. Still, Wikihow ranks better because of its domain authority. If we analyze these 3 domains, we get the following data:

Does Link Building For One Page Helps Other Pages To Rank 2

It is clear that Wikihow has the maximum number of root domain links to it. Let us now consider another example-


Now if we analyze each of the pages separately, see what we get-

Does Link Building For One Page Helps Other Pages To Rank 3

As you can see, “familyhandyman” has the maximum number of links still it ranks at position 3. And now let us see the analysis of these 3 domains.

It is evident now that the domain authority is more important than the authority of a single page from that domain to decide its SERP rank.

Google’s take on this matter

Google is never very clear and straight with any questions. The head of spam, JOHN MUELLER, said that:

We can quite reach a conclusion from it that the quality of content on the backlinks plays a major role in the page authority. So if you are not able to get links for a page you want to rank, create links for some other pages on your website. This can benefit all the pages of your website.

How to rank your pages that do not have any backlinks

Content quality

User satisfaction is always of the topmost priority for Google. Without good and relevant content, it is impossible to rank. It is the users who decide whether they like your website content or not. If users are happy Google is also happy.

The art of writing good content is a broad field. You can hire some good content writing services to write content for your website. Make sure your content is SEO friendly and easy to understand too.

Root domain backlinks

If your backlink profile is full of irrelevant and unrelated backlinks, your pages can never get a good SERP rank. Without a genuine backlink profile, you are losing out on the chance of good ranks.

Unnatural links happen due to manual link building, spams, poor content and many other factors. Develop natural links from different websites in your niche. Involve good, unique and interactive content in your links. That is why it is said that it is a good idea to include a blog in your website especially if you have an eCommerce website because you just cannot rely only on category and product pages to get ranks.

Well established internal linking

The internal link structure of your website should be well set up. Internal linking helps in developing the site authority throughout the web. This not only contributes to better SERP rank but also your organic traffic. Understanding-the-Importance-of-Domain-Authority-In-2019

When you do not interlink, every blog or webpage still links to the home page. Thus if you get links for one of your pages, rest of the pages will eventually get some benefit.

External links are more valuable than internal links. But it still helps in getting authority to your site pages. And better authority means a better position in SERP pages.

When you are sure that you have created a content that is worthy of going viral and getting backlinks, add the links to some other relevant pages of your website in the content as well. You can update your old articles and include in them the links to your new content. This will not only benefit individual pages but also the indexing of your website.

Remember to use relevant anchor texts when you include any interlinking. Make the best use of your keywords. Interlinking helps in making the user stay for a longer time on your website. This also reduces your bounce rate.