How to sell local SEO services to businesses

how to sell local seo services to businesses

Selling SEO Services

It is not a new fact that competition keeps on increasing to get the top spot on Google. Some bigger businesses and companies believe that it is practically impossible for a smaller competition to reach to their mark. A local business finds it highly difficult to reach to the level of a bigger company in its niche.

Thus it is a great opportunity for any SEO company to sell its seo services to a local business. And for this, you must know how to sell your seo services so that you can get a client that stays with you for long. The maximum scope to sell your seo services lies in local seo. Ranking for local user queries may seem to be hard,  but it is not. This is mainly due to 2 reasons-

  • Reduced local pack size by Google. The number of results included in it has reduced to just three from seven. Less number of spots means increased competition.
  • Studies show that maximum local searches are made with an intention to buy a service or product. According to Wordstream, out of all the users that do a local Google search, 72% are likely to actually visit a store within 5 miles of proximity from them.

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Keep reading if you want to know how can you sell your seo services in this competition. The table of content below will give an overview of the key points-

1 How to sell  Local SEO services
1.1 Do not commit any guarantee
1.2 Include statistics and quotes from experts
1.3 Justify your services on your site
1.4 Explain the local SEO benefits
1.5 Include sample reports and the best client reviews
1.6 Do thorough competitor analysis
1.7 Explain why should they use your services
1.8 Take full benefit of Social Media
1.9 Identify your area of service
1.10 Adopt specific solutions for specific clients
1.11 Do your service branding
1.12 Adopt best lead generation strategies
1.13 Create interesting cold emails
2 How can you deliver the best SEO services

Do not commit any guarantee

If your prospective client has already taken any SEO services in the past or he is making some good investment in your local seo services, it is quite obvious that he would ask you about any guarantees you offer. They will always want to know what they might expect in return of their investment.

Here, you have to be realistic about any guarantee you give. Include only the results that you can actually offer him. Google always warns business owners to never trust SEO agencies that give guarantees of reaching the top positions instantly. This is because SEO is a process that takes time, and there is no fixed time to actually see the desired results. You can even outsource your services or go for seo reseller services if you think that you lack in resources or tools to give the best results to your client.

Being an SEO agency you must focus on results that you can actually deliver like turnaround time, seo services reports, hours spent on the service and more.

Include statistics and quotes from experts

There are plenty of quotes and statistical data available from some SEO experts and professionals about the value of local seo services. You can include these details in your presentation that you prepare for your clients. Including such data from some trusted sources helps to impart credibility, trust, and authority in your work.

Justify your services on your site 

Being an SEO agency, you very well understand the importance of good content. But are you using the same for your website? Does your website have a blog dedicated solely to local seo services?

content is king

If your answer is no, you must add one immediately. If you are too busy to deliver the results to your clients, take help from this article on how to create useful content. This article will help you create an overview and detailed content that revolves around local seo.

You can even include some of your related post links in the queries to your clients to make them relate to things better. For example, if your client asks about the importance of reviews in local seo and you have a related blog on your website, include it in your presentation.

Explain the local SEO benefits

The activities that you conduct in your local seo practice will have some secondary benefits for your client. Give your efforts and time in making your client aware of these. This will instill a feeling of satisfaction in your clients that they have invested their money in the right place.

For example, you can tell your clients how social media management will help them to improve their service quality or link building services will help in better online visibility of the business. LinkFire SEO is an expert white label seo reseller that can provide you with full seo services or link building services.  

Include sample reports and the best client reviews

If your client has had some bad experience with any seo agency, this is important for you. Sample reports will not help to give a clear view of your seo services, but also show that you are a trusted seo agency in the market.

You can also include website analysis and recommendations along with the sample reports. Taking out the site issues from Google Analytics and Webmasters is pretty easy, but extra issues that you show in your site analysis will show your command over the seo services you offer.

client reviews

Also, do not forget to include the client reviews for your local seo services. Include the testimonials that are in your favor. Share testimonials from their industry and niche to make them trust your capabilities. This will also give them the satisfaction that you understand their area of service.

Do thorough competitor analysis

Do competitor research and analysis for the client before you start preparing the presentation. Explain what their competitors are doing to be at the position they are and explain what different you can do for them to go ahead of their competitors. Pinpoint what are the strength and weaknesses of the competitor for the client.

Explain why should they use your services

Always remember that when you try to sell your local seo services to any prospective client, always include points that explain why should they chose you.

This will explain how you can help them improve their current condition, how you will resolve their problems and how they will benefit from it. A detailed explanation will also convey how you differ from other seo agencies.

The explanation should include the following points-

  • Headline- Summary about the benefits of your services
  • Subheadline- A brief explanation of what your services are
  • Bulleted list- Main features of your local seo services
  • Media- Include an image or video

Take full benefit of Social Mediasocial media marketing

You will have to adopt a good social strategy to reach the target clients. It is important to mark your presence on various popular social media platforms. One of the best ways to improve your social presence is to write blogs and articles. A blog that is dedicated to your business will help to attract more new users and get maximum returning users. Informative articles that are shared regularly on your social channels will be appreciated by your followers and your popularity will improve.

It might be possible that a small social media interaction might give you some potential clients. Relate email marketing to social media marketing. Whenever you send emails, include your social media links in it as well.

Identify your area of service

SEO services are in demand in every business sector. It is your work to identify what niche can you serve the best. Your strategies can benefit all the sectors. If you have been giving SEO services for a long time, you can easily figure out your niche. Just see what type of businesses contact you the most. If almost all your clients are from the same niche, focus more on it.

If you are a new seo agency, do research on what industries need the most SEO services.
Many of your clients might also need website design services. And if you do not have the necessary resources for it, you can hire a white label web design company like LinkFire SEO. We are capable to create the best responsive websites that will also be mobile friendly.

Adopt specific solutions for specific clients

Being a seo agency, your main aim is to provide the best solutions to your clients. Many expert seo companies do the mistake of adopting the same strategy for every client. The maximum number of businesses either have poor SERP ranks or have a hard time building their online presence.

You can lose a potential client by offering him the same established strategy that worked for the rest of your clients. It is the best idea to let your client first put forward his SEO related problems. Visit his website and social media pages. Identify what are the issues that are affecting his online authority. Check if the address and contact details are right or not.

Make a list of such issues and present it before your client.

brand building

Do your service branding 

Once you are sure with your niche, start to make your presence visible in the market. You can start by creating profiles on social media platforms. Interact with your followers. Share useful content related to your niche.

Create content that would attract your clients. These could be any industry events, local market trends, any SEO risks to avoid, strategies that will enhance their performance. Take active participation in your niche forums and share your views on the latest topics.

Adopt best lead generation strategies

lead generation strategies
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Make sure that your website is well optimized and has a clear CTA on all pages. Make the best use of social media and blogs to generate more leads. You can also use cold calls and direct mailing strategy. When communicating, try to be as personal as possible.

Create interesting cold emails

Cold emails can be quite irritating for some businesses. Where emails are supposed to be the most valuable assets for a business, it is often ignored by the users. Thus it becomes important for you to create perfect email templates and redesign your email process.
If you want your emails to land up in the primary inbox of the receiver and not the spam or trash, you have to create attractive emails that stand out. But do you ever wonder how you can do it?

You first have to start with the subject line. The subject line will take just 2 to 3 seconds to grab the attention of your target local business. cold emails
You then have to get the most suited email template. Do necessary research on what will work the best for you. A/B testing is a good option for it. You can effectively learn how you can sell seo services in your preferred niche.
You have to make sure that your mail does not end up in the spam folder. Leading email providers like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL use this spam folder for the safety of their users.
Do not use misleading subject lines in your email. Stay away from using keywords or trigger words like “100% free”, “not a scam”, earn money“ or “best value products”. These will definitely lead your mail to the spam folder.
You can not attract everybody with 1 same email. You will have to customize it according to different local businesses and their area of work.

How can you deliver the best SEO services

Be in touch with other SEO experts

Any of your client that has a local business will expect you to know everything in and do the same for his business. The best way to keep yourself updated with the latest knowledge is to take an active part in SEO forums, events, and meetings near you.

You will get opportunities to interact with experts. Initiate and try to build relationships with them so that they can provide you with the needed guidance to improve your performance.

Be niche specific

When experts give local SEO services in different niches, they want to broaden their revenue. You should try to get clients from the same niche and customize your marketing strategies to suit each of your clients.

You have to effectively use your available resources, time and skills to give maximum outputs to your client.

Partner with professionals of different skills

To give the best services to your clients, you must take help of others when needed. There are many other professionals that can help you with it.

You might require the help of content writers and web designers to well optimize your client site. You may also have to hire more SEO experts if you have a lot of client work. When you tie up with other professionals, you not only develop a reputed brand but you can also fulfill different client needs.

Stay up to date seo services

The changing consumer behaviors and search engine rules reflect regular changes in SEO tactics. It is very important to stay up to date in the field of SEO. In order to be ahead of your competition, you must invest time and efforts to learn new tactics.

LinkFire SEO can provide full SEO services as well as web development services to SEO agencies, web designers or freelancers who think that they do not have the necessary resources or sufficient time. Our reseller SEO services are free of any branding and none of the reports will have our name or logo. You can present it to your client as it is or make any changes as you wish! For any queries, feel free to contact us!