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Be it podcasts or radio, these platforms have a lot of potential for link building. If you do not reach out to your local radio stations just because you have a dedicated PR firm, it shows your laziness. You must not miss out on any opportunity where you can improve your link building strategy.

You can first start with local radio stations. Because it is practically impossible to email every radio station. Link builders often drop out radio stations as link building techniques but you can use it in your favor.

It is very easy and simple to do this. Just make a list of top 20 radio stations near you. Email them requesting them for collaboration either on air. Or you can send out products to them and get a space in their blog.

The backlink results with this can be highly versatile. This is because you get to incorporate both online and offline marketing tactics.

radio station link building

Backlinks from radio stations are more than just link building. It is like you get 3 different link building opportunities at one place.

For instance, try emailing local radio stations with a technical audit of their website. If they like it, they might take your name and your website name on air. It can be a totally life-changing moment for your SEO Company.

The benefit of getting links from radio stations-

  • Radio stations help to enhance your brand awareness and fill up the gap between your online and offline business exposure.
  • The domain name of radio stations is usually over the internet for a long time. Therefore the link that you get from their website to yours will be of great value.

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