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PBN is a network of websites that are used to build links for a given website. Its aim is to alter the search engine rankings of the website. PBN is almost the same as link wheeling where different websites link to one single website. These websites come under a private network where these sites may not be necessarily interlinked but link to 1 similar site. With the help of this the online authority of the central site increases.

A PBN is used by a website with the aim of getting better search engine ranking but it is completely against the Google guidelines. The best way Google considers for a better site ranking is Google Adwords. If you want better organic search results, PBN is an unethical way.

For example, you have a business where you manufacture and sell brass products. But you are putting the link of your website on a site that promotes restaurants. This link will not give you an advantage since your target audience is not the one looking for good restaurants nearby.  

Why do people use PBN

Private Blog Networks are a great way to get quick results in SERP. The most important advantage of getting better SERP ranks is that your site gets more traffic and thus your business sales are increased. PBN also helps in improving your link building strategy and web authority.

When you do your competitor research carefully, you will find that even your competitors use PBN to boost their web authority. PBNs are cost-effective because you will not be charged anything to place your link. You get to choose your anchor text that will link to your site. Thus it gives you the freedom to use your keywords.

It is important to note that when you use PBNs, your site is always at the risk of being hit by any Google Penalties or algorithm change. Your SERP ranking can be dropped instantly as soon as Google comes to know about the use of your PBNs. All your efforts will instantly go down the drain. PBNs are unethical and totally against Google norms.


Some alternatives for PBNs can be:

  1. Guest Posts
  2. Link Outreach
  3. Longtail keywords
  4. Onsite SEO methods
  5. Niche Edits
  6. Website design and User Interface

We can provide you all the above-given white hat seo services that will not only improve your web authority but also your SERP rankings.

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