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Podcasts are a really great way of marketing. In spite of its great relevance and importance, podcasts are usually underestimated as a link building strategy. Podcasts are an added advantage to your business link building.

For instance, you can consider the HubSpot Podcast Growth Show Blog Post, or Search Engine Journal show Search Engine Nerds podcast. All these shows have great quality links.

Developing Links and Authority

Podcasts are the best way to get increased exposure for your website. You can develop great authority in your niche or industry. With podcasts, you can communicate with your audience directly.

It is true that with similar investment, you might not get the same result from podcasts as you might get from SEO friendly data-driven content or link worthy content. But podcasts are extremely interesting and the newest way to get links for our website.

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How to Boost up your Podcast

To get an interview from an expert, do some thorough research. Have a look at the topics that they have already covered and look out for anything that is left out. When you decide to send out emails to pitch for your podcast, make sure that the mail content is relevant to your podcast. Also, remember to address the receiver with his first name.

An example of such an email could be:

Hello John,

I was just listening to the new podcast episodes on your channel and came through some “XYZ” episode that also featured my Name and work. I am greatly thankful for it!

Is there any chance you can feature me in any of your upcoming episodes?

Some topic suggestions that we can cover are:

I would be really happy if we could get in touch and discuss more topics. It will be a great opportunity to work together with you. If you are interested in this collaboration, you can reply back to this email.


(Your name)

Benefits of podcast link building:

  • The diversity of your Link profile will improve.
  • Your authority and brand trust will improve not only for search engines but also your target audience.

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