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It takes a lot of time, strategy and planning to create a link worthy content. A link worthy comes in basic types:

  • Informational- Example being the content for the latest news
  • Inspirational- This includes content types that inspire users to do something, such as any motivational piece or self-improvement.
  • Educational- Content to teach readers about something.
  • Entertaining- This type of content provides entertainment and relates to human emotions such as happiness, anger, sadness, etc.

Ultimately, everyone wants there content to be the top result for any user question or query.

Creating content that attracts links is not an easy thing to do. The competition for creating good content is very fierce. There are many types of blog posts, infographics, videos and much more types of content you are competing with for clicks.

Many times a great and well-written content is beaten by a low-quality content. The main reason is poor marketing. Just like any real estate property, even a well-written content has the ability to enhance your SEO practices.

Get in touch with influencers

There is no value of creating a great well-written content which no one links to. It’s just a waste of your time and efforts. Great content is not the 100% guarantee of getting links, thus you need to establish good connections with influencers.


Adding an influencer does not mean you are adding just 1 person in your network, additionally there the whole network gets connected to you. Keep in mind that the influencer should be a fit in your content type and market type. This will make you an instant hit among a huge new number of people.

Influencers tend to have a huge fan following on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. When you’re looking for an influencer to collaborate with, think of quality and quantity.

9 Ideas to Create link worthy content

Evergreen content

Content created for news does not last long. It loses popularity with time. Thus you must focus on content types that last for long. A useful evergreen content remains relevant and valuable even after months and years of being published. Any changes to it is rare and it is always in demand. Some examples of evergreen content can be:

  • Guides
  • Ebooks
  • How-to-DOs
  • Lists
  • Explainers
  • Checklistspodcast


A podcast will always attract a lot of links because each time you interview someone, they will obviously link back to you. Plus if your podcast gets a reputation, you might also get links from other good market guides and blogs.

Resource Centre

Creating and publishing content is not enough. You also have your content organized in a way that your audience and new visitors can easily understand it. A resource center might be a good option for you. It is quite a hectic and time taking task to create content like guides, case studies, webinars, whitepapers, and checklists. Thus people in need of these can link to your resource center.

Write your thoughts

Start writing down your thoughts without any hesitation. Get in touch with people and do things that will make you stand out. Be confident about whatever topic you are going to write about. Explain it well in your words. Do not just copy from already existing content. Write in your own words. Be yourself and present yourself with confidence. Present your ideas in such an interesting way that it attracts the attention of people. Do not be dull and boring.

Expert links

Instead of gathering all the data and information on your own, quote the data from some industry experts. You can create a hype around your content by using some using the known and famous names.

Brands partnership

When you partner with a brand and co-author a content, you get exposed to a new set of audience. This tactic will never disappoint. Also, both partners will handle the budget equally. Thus there is not much financial pressure. You can target a totally different audience with your content, social ads, and local ads through partnership.

keywordUsing relevant keywords 

In an interview, Larry Kim told how he brought about the success of WordStream. In his words, “In the early days of WordStream, we mapped out a taxonomy of tens of thousands of keywords that we thought were relevant to our company.

And we created content around those groups of keywords. Today, our blog does millions of views per month from organic search, which proves that this approach works.”

Visual content

The best source of attractive visual content will be images, videos, data visualization, and GIFs. these resources help a great deal in putting your ideas and content in an attractive and unique way.

Content formatting

Do not just write content just for the sake of it. Remember to write it in proper format and layout. Use the following important formatting:

  • Subheadlines (H2s and H3s) for the content breakup.
  • Short, simple sentences.
  • Bulleted lists.
  • Block quotes.
  • Bolding and italics.

Benefits of Link-Worthy Content

  • Attract more links in less time with long-lasting results
  • Helps to develop good positive results within and outside your community.


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