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Who doesn’t want to to be featured in the latest trending article on The New York Times or the newest Girlboss Radio podcast? But when it comes to getting as many links as your competitor, you have to be wise. You may find opportunities that may get you some high-profile links.

It is your task to see what competitor links are worthy of being acquired for your website. You get get a whole list of competitor backlinks from Moz backlink report.

To decide what competitor links should you target on, prepare a graph per competitor that has link analysis data for each competitor.

Image Courtesy- Search Engine Journal


Create a graph from each competitor and stack up to their link profile. Start targeting the most similar links. After you have prepared the data for each competitor, go through each backlink to see which link do you need to reach out to.

Then you have to use your skills for Building Links through Email outreach and email every relevant site. Once this process is done, prepare a report for each site outreach result. It may look something like given in the image below.

Image Courtesy- Search Engine Journal

Tools that you can use to monitor competitor backlinks-

  • Moz
  • Ahrefs
  • Majestic
  • Buzzstream (or Pitchbox)
  • Banana Tag (or Yesware)

Benefits of Creating links similar to your competitor

  • You can reach up to the level of your competitor SERP ranking. You will get a deeper knowledge of their marketing strategy and their focus keywords.
  • You know that that site you are reaching to links to similar content, i.e your competitor. Thus you can easily get links for your content if outreach is done in the right way.

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