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Most of the outreach emails end up being in the spam folder and get unnoticed. These emails mainly consist of guest blog posts, fraud sends money to a location mails. This was the scene some time ago. Now, things are getting changed.

Manual outreach is becoming a widely used method of link building. It might be possible that whatever emails you are ignoring, might have some great content! It also provides web authority to the content as well as the site linked in it.

Non-traditional email outreach

The emails that consist of items like emojis and gifs usually come in this category. These are used depending upon the email receiver, the situation, the brand or the sender. Email outreach is best for contributors or bloggers.


Depending on your budget, you can collaborate with a suitable blogger. The bloggers should have a domain authority of at least 20 to 30. If the blogger has a social following of at least 5000 to 3000 followers, he is a good option. According to a survey by Search Engine Journal, 68% of marketing people believe that influencer marketing will stay put for long.

Whenever you collaborate with a blogger, keep in mind that you are building connections with them. They are not only going to represent your brand but also link to your website as well.

Benefits of email outreach:

  • You can create a personal connection with an influencer and develop a long-lasting relationship with them.
  • You can improve and enhance your network that will benefit not only in terms of link building but also in social media.

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