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When you believe that your content is good enough, you will naturally expect it to be featured on other sites as well. When your article has amazing content and attractive images, it acts as the key factor for your article to get shared widely.

Everybody wants their content to be linked, shared and published on other platforms as well. But do you know what is the best way to make your content seen, linked and get shared by your target audience?  The answer to this is content syndication!

In order to classify content, search engines track links all over the web. When a page is shown in the search results, the content of the pages that link to each other is also considered. Some of the leading publishing sites such as The New York Times, CNN also do content syndication.

content syndication

Benefits of republishing your content:

  • You can use your content multiple times and get the maximum benefit from it.
  • It is a better version of guest posting
  • If your content partnership is good enough, you are always a step ahead of your competitors.

If you are just starting with your content syndication partnership, you may have to set the deal with a mix of content syndication and original content. You must research on the websites that you are starting to partner with.

If your website is already well-established, you will have to look for partner sites that already have good site traffic like yours. If you partner with a smaller site than yours, it will not do any good to you.

Some of the best practices for content syndication are:

  • Make sure to add a rel=canonical tag in your content
  • Add a nofollow tag if you are syndicating a content.
  • Publish the content on your site first and make sure it gets indexed before syndication on another site.

You may need a lawyer for your partnership agreement and some manual outreach to get the best syndication partner.

Benefits of content syndication:

  • Content syndication will improve your overall site authority if you chose the right partner with similar site traffic and authority.
  • This method will improve your backlink profile in quantity and quality.

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