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You can not differentiate community interaction from link building. Instead of following just the traditional marketing strategy, you must also indulge in community engagement and interaction in link building strategy.

Interaction with your local community fill ups the gap between offline and online marketing. An interesting marketing campaign consists of a variety of marketing channels, social networks, emails, and events. Community interaction or engagement is simply offline marketing with real people.

How can you get link building from the local community community engagement

  • Event sponsorship
  • Event hosting
  • You can sponsor local bloggers for hosting a local event
  • Give gift bags or goodies
  • Get famous people to speak at the local event
  • Volunteering for a local charity
  • Write a unique, fresh and attractive article about any recent local event in your industry.

After you are done with all the above steps, do not forget to reach out to the local media and publishing houses. They are always in the need of any new local event. So its a win-win situation for both.

Benefits of community engagement

  • You can develop relationships with your local community that will benefit you in the long run.
  • You can take the most out of your local events and opportunities to create good content.

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