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A client review or testimonial has to fulfill the given requirements in order to be an ideal one-

  • It should loosely have keywords at the right place (first 150 characters are best).client reviews
  • Reviews should be of high quality with a personal touch.
  • It must have sufficient trust and authority to sustain on search engines.

But in practicality, you can not ask your clients to write reviews that fulfill all these features. There are many review sites out there. You have to be wise enough to choose only the right ones and avoid any one-line reviews.

Importance of client reviews and testimonials

A nice attractive infographic will not bring you as much traffic as a link building strategy will. Reviews and testimonials are a great source of fresh and new content.

With every new review, a signal is sent to the search engine that the page has been updated. This gives another opportunity for the page to get crawled and probably rank higher depending on the review quality. These reviews and testimonials also give you an opportunity to rank for long tail keywords.

Customer reviews and testimonials are a great way to get brand credibility. This can influence clients, users or customers while they are still in the decision making phase. People who will attest your brand services will also benefit from this. Their company gets exposure through linked or unlinked mentions of their website.

client testimonials


How to get more customer reviews

Start with finding high authority brands that feature testimonials and reviews on their website. You can also research any clients or users who have already been featured by your competitor. Analyze your competitor website to see what sources are they getting their links from. You now have a full list of websites that you can consider for reviews.

  • Have a referral plan
  • Develop a release form for your customers that will be digitally signed every time they compliment you.
  • Each time you send an email to mail subscribers, you can send them a discount code. Share it on social media for each client review.
  • For customers who had a positive experience with your work can be given a post-service plan.

Benefits of client reviews and testimonials

  • Reviews and testimonials are a great way of developing web authority not only for search engines but also for users.
  • These contribute to the organic content for your website.

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