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It is important that you monitor the web for any brand mentions. Focusing on any brand mentions can be a great strategy for link building and developing your online reputation.

Why is a brand mention monitoring important?

  • It can give you a link
  • Better opportunity to engage with communities interested in your brand
  • You can understand better how people perceive your business

It can be a bit difficult to find all the brand mentions for your business over the web. But it is definitely not impossible.

brand mentions

Brand mention Monitoring

This whole concept of link building from brand mentions is pretty simple. The are many events sponsored by a brand, events to announce employee achievements or publish press releases. These are the occasions where you can build links in less time. This link building not only saves your time but also gives significance to the user or publication that mentions you.

Always remember that if the content quality on your website is not good, the site that mentions your brand will hesitate to link to your website. Therefore, make sure your content is link worthy.

brand mention monitoring.

Converting brand mentions to links

Just follow the simple steps given below-

  1. Sign up for Google Alerts
  2. Set up brand mention alert to get daily notifications
  3. Set up backlinks alert to get daily notification
  4. Sent an email to the websites that mention your brand name. You can start with thanking them for the brand mention and then request them to add a link of your website as well as it will make it easy for the users.

If used properly, Google Alerts can be very helpful. It gives you multiple filters option. The next step is outreach. You will have to set up an outreach strategy. If you are not getting a good response from your outreach strategy, there might be 2 reasons-

  • You are reaching a wrong person: Are you reaching out to the right or the most relevant person for the website? Make sure that the person you are reaching to is still working for the website.
  • Your way of addressing is wrong: Make sure that whatever email you are sending should be clear and concise. Be very clear that you’re asking for your link to be placed on a specific page or blog post. Tell them why your link is good enough to be added. You do not have to look spammy with your mail.

Does brand mention help in SERP ranking?

Brand mentions instill authority, relevancy, and trust for the brands. These are the most crucial factors that determine the SERP rank for your brand website. It’s important that you convert your brand mentions into links because links help in improving your web authority.

Benefits of converting brand mentions into links:

  • Get credit for any valuable content that you create for your website.
  • Brand mention monitoring is a great link building strategy.

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