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Blog commenting helps to boost up your brand if done correctly. But many SEO professionals still do not know how to use it efficiently. Many people have started using blog commenting for bad practices or abusive comments. Thus blog commenting is not considered to be a very good link building tactic.

blog comments

Do not neglect blog comments

You may want to focus on some major link building tactics such as creating good content for links, Guest Blogging, Create links similar to your competitor and more. You might also want to fix the Technical SEO of your site before starting with link building. This is good also up to some extent.

Instead of completely turning down blog commenting because it is an old spammy link building technique, you can think of it as community engagement. When used wisely, blog comments can be very valuable and engaging with just a little bit of extra efforts.

Benefits of the links from blog comments

The importance of blog comments lies beyond SEO. When you comment maximum twice a day, you may see benefits such as-

  1. Increased site traffic- the best way for this is to follow and comment on the blogs that get lots of users and is related to your industry.
  2. Building reputation- Blog comments can help in building your personal brand reputation. Be sure to use your real name and your image in the blog. Using anchor texts or your keywords as your name in the blog profile, it is a totally wrong blog commenting technique.
  3. Expert views- As you start showing your experience in the relevant topics, people will start recognizing you. You can do this by just helping someone over comments or just agreeing to someone’s views.
  4. Inbound link building- If you comment twice per day with a link to your website, you can get 60 backlinks per month for your website. Which makes it 720 backlinks in a year.
  5. Leads and conversions- When more people start visiting your website, you can convert them into leads. Those leads can turn into customers and conversions and later leading to revenue.

Some tips for blog commenting

  1. Research for some high-quality sites for blog commenting. High-quality websites mean the ones that have a domain authority of over 60.
  2. After preparing a list of high-quality websites, look for an article that ranks high in your industry and is relevant to your audience.
  3. Now you can start adding value to your comments. You can follow the given steps-
  • Address the author with his name and acknowledge his work.
  • Include some little information you got from the article and you can even add some extra details on the article.
  • If you want to add a link, make sure it is relevant to the article and adds some value to it.
  • You can end with a compliment and address the author with his name.

blog commenting

Always keep your blog comments short and simple. Do not write more than 100 words ideally. Always make sure that your comment is relevant and valuable to the blog or article. Commenting on something that is completely irrelevant and unrelated to the article will be counted in spamming and may also lead to your profile being blocked.

Benefits of blog comments

  • You can reach a larger number of the target audience.
  • Your online authority will start developing and improving once you become a known name on the blogging sites.

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