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An affiliate link building can be rightly related to spammy link building and dollar signs. All the nofollow links and link building tactics such as blog posts, banners, and monthly works, all take sufficient time and efforts. You may already have many link building strategies with you, this doesn’t mean that you can not try any other method.

It was once a rumor that Google will demote andy affiliate websites that were using an older version of the framework for organic as well as paid results. After that, the affiliate marketing shifted towards improving stand-alone resources.

Let’s take Gawker Media as an example. By using only Amazon affiliate links, the company has earned $10 million in e-commerce revenue in 2014. It is more long lasting and sustainable than display advertising.

affiliate link building

Affiliate links are never an issue for Google. Because the affiliate links are paid links technically, do not forget to add nofollow attribute. Affiliate links give an opportunity to brands to acquire user-generated content and fresh new blog posts for the influencers that you may not have come across without affiliate marketing. You also get the chance to interact with influencers and collaborate for any blog posts, campaigns or any contests.

It might be the present model of affiliate marketing and you can buy links or you can transform into an individual group of your top 25 bidders. You will have to decide what will work the best for your content and exposure.

Benefits of Affiliate Link building

  • When you start a new site, you must focus on affiliate and organic traffic because it is the most cost-effective way and gives a high ROI on traffic and profit.
  • Affiliate marketing will improve your brand mentions and new links during the off-season.

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