Domain Authority Stacking

Evolution of Domain Authority Stacking

Since the last few years, link building is not the only necessity to get your site ranked. The quantity is just not enough. You also have to take care of the quality of your link building. “Trust” and “authority” are the latest important components of any modern SEO strategy. The pages that display on the first SERP are the sites with huge DA and online trust.

Google trusts the sites that have high DA or Domain Authority. When you search for anything on Google. The top results are usually from pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Wikihow and more. This is because Google believes that these sites are trustworthy and provide the right relevant content for the user query. Thus we should focus on improving the DA of our site.

Domain Authority Stacking

What is Domain Authority Stacking

This ranking technique was developed in early 2014 by the SEO expert, Jimmy Kelley.

It is an effective way to enhance the domain authority and ranking together. In this strategy, we create a series of high domain authority sites and at the end, we put the site we want to improve the ranking of. Using multiple high DA sites will boost the SERP performance of your website. And hopefully, your site might end up on the front page pretty soon.

Many people believe that getting links from social media platforms will help. But most of these links are no-follow. Thus Google won’t track them. Even if you find a Do-follow link, they are not connected to the page content and end up in the sideboard.

When you create a stack of websites that have your website (the money website) at the end, you benefit from other sites links in the stack as well. If you are planning to use PBNs (private blogging networks), you can use this method to protect your site from getting punished by Google. With Domain Authority Stacking, there will be just one link to your money website in the PBN. Thus it will make difficult for Google to figure out what is happening.

One of the biggest advantages of using Domain Authority Stacking is that builds a strong online authority for your website. Once you have set up the stack for your website, analyse your competitor’s domain authority. See what all you can do to reach the level of your competitor. Make sure your money site is designed using the right SEO methods with seo friendly tags in page content and media. Google now considers videos as a big factor for ranking websites. Thus keep good video content on your money website to get quick results in SERP.

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How is Domain Authority Stacking implemented

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  • Create website stacks of properties linking from web 2.0 sites, YouTube, Facebook and more.
  • The sites should be linked in a very random manner. The pattern of how the money site is linked should not be very evident and obvious.
  • Keep in mind that the lower DA properties should be placed closer to your money site.
  • These high DA should link to all the pages on the website and not just the homepage.

Linkfire SEO can help you develop DAS for your website. Our Domain Authority Stacking services will not only improve your SERP rank but also online authority. We will also provide you a professional report which will make you look awesome in front of your client. To book your services with us, you can visit our DAS services page or call us for details.

Why is quality link placement important?

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In our standard package, you get a mixture of 10 high DA/PA Web 2.0 sites which can include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. All these sites will all be interlinked to build trust and brand authority. All the links will be customized with your logo, content (one master spun), forms, authority links, images, videos. The login details to all tier 1 sites will be provided.

We then run all these URLs through twitter and then retweet them to boost authority. They act as interlinking the juice in tier 1 and we send social signals. Thereafter we promote your site on High TF sites, and we add social media votes. We basically boost up these links going from tier 1 to tier 3 links.

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