All About June 2019 Google Algorithm Update

google June core 2019 update

With the recent release of June 2019 Google Algorithm Update, there have been many changes in the search result. This article is all about what June 2019 Google Algorithm Update is, what it changed and what has been affected.

What did June 2019 Google Algorithm Update do?

Unlike ever before, Google PRE-ANNOUNCED that is is going to roll out the June 2019 Google Algorithm Update on June 2, 2019. The tweet was-

Again, on June 3, 2019, a tweet was made that the update was now live!

Google never really announces beforehand about any algorithm update, so many people thought that this June 2019 Google Algorithm Update might be a big one. To calm down these confusions, a tweet was made by Danny Sullivan of Google,

Even after this comment by Danny Sullivan on June 2019 Google Algorithm Update, the SEO data showed some significantly big changes.

Finally, when the algorithm rolled out completely on June 8, 2019, a tweet was made,

Along with the Google algorithm update, “Google Diversity Update” was released at the same time.

This update was to bring diversity top the search results. This way the same domain will not appear more than once in the search result page.

What did June 2019 Google Algorithm Update target?

Analysis of some web traffic and ranking positions suggests that this update is similar to the March Algorithm Update that had some significant impacts on certain niches such as YMYL (Your Money & Your Life).

According to Rank Ranger, the following niches had significant changes-

June 2019 Google Algorithm Update

The data is almost similar to the Google Medic Update. Now, Google has specifically pointed out that the June 2019 Google Algorithm Update does not target any specific niche.

What does the SEO industry think of June 2019 Google Algorithm Update

Different people have a different point of views.

  • Some thought it is the reverse of March 2019 Core Update

According to Marcus Tober from SearchMetrics in an article, some analysts suggest that some parts of March update have been reverted in this June google update.

He also added, “…it seems though that Google changed some factors to brand/authority too much in March and this is what was reverted. Especially in the medical space like a or that lost, gained back their visibility.”

  • Fluctuations

Some websites reported having seen a very significant increase in traffic in just 1 day that was reduced again the very next day.

Changes and relevancy in search intent with June 2019 Google Algorithm Update

  • The intent in Health-related queries

As an instance, there have been cases when a specific health-related supplement sales page of a website ranked for the supplement name search query. Thereafter, Google changed its content ranking type so that information about supplement was displayed and not the sales page.
If you have lost site traffic because of this reason, you should try to work toward ranking your informational page and not a sales page. You should focus on content marketing such as guest post services so that you can have better information on your site.

  • Change in search intent

It might sound absurd, but getting less traffic from searches may not be bad in all cases. For example, in the image given below, the data is about a page on “how to shoot a youtube video”. After the June 2019 Google Algorithm Update the traffic for this page hiked up and then started declining.

analytics data

But if you observe deeply, you will see that the page ranked for “shooting youtube”. This keyword has more than 106,000 monthly searches.

youtube shooting keyword

But now if you search “youtube shooting” on Google, the result will include the results of actual shooting and youtube.

google June core 2019 update


Therefore, if the users are actually looking for the news, then losing traffic for this keyword is not really bad. Those site visitors will anyways bounce back from your site.

What to do if your site was affected by June 2019 Google Algorithm Update

  • See what pages and keywords are losing traffic

Instead of looking at the traffic of your whole website, see what p[ages are being most affected. For this, you can use Google search Console or Ahrefs.

If you are using ahrefs, you can follow the given steps,

  1. Open site explorer
  2. Go to Organic Keywords and then to Movements
  3. (This step is optional) You can select “Down” movements or “Lost” movements to filter

This way, you can easily identify the pages and keywords that are losing the most traffic.

  • See what pages have gained traffic

If some pages are losing on traffic, some might also be winning in it. Look for such pages. Search on Google the keywords for which you have lost traffic and see what kind of content comes up. Compare that content to the content on your site and make necessary changes.

  • Edit existing content or create new ones

You can consider some important points for the given matter,

  1. Remember to create more specific content. Create content specifically for your keyword and not a general content as a whole.
  2. Use videos and media in your content to make it more user-friendly. You can also convert your content into video and your chances of getting ranked will get multiplied.
  3. With the help of “people also ask for” section in the search results, you can include FAQs in your content.


The latest June 2019 Google Algorithm Update has shaken up the whole industry. If your site is the one to get affected, do not panic and analyze your site analytics deeply. See what has fallen off and what has improved for your site.