9 incredible steps to Generate More SEO Leads

You are the midst of your daily work, busy with the agenda and you are heading to generate more leads. Quickly you have found your iPhone echoes. Neither it’s a text message nor any facebook notification. As you peep into it, you have come across it is the first notification from your first lead that has endorsed your form and paid the full amount!!

It is amazing a feeling to have your first client, the moment of proud and, recognizing your potential effort.

However, one nervousness always disturbs your mind how to get the next opportunity once your first project gets done and so on.

If you notice you will see all the successful SEO companies has a model of reordering the volume of leads for every month. As an inking company building up the reputation, one has to push with a great deal of force and energy.

Let’s brighten up the points which we will discuss through in this article without wasting your time and money. We will cover the mindset of the client and the reason behind ignoring SEO emails sent by you.

It will empower you with tested result oriented method to buy more SEO leads for your business.

It is practical share-based advice not only boring theory.

Hang around and I will share some very crucial pointers which will restore your breakthrough into a different level.


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Table of Content


1 Getting more attention following 3 posts to get SEO Leads
  • Post #1—Look forward to Client’s Aspired Outcome
  • Post #2 – Generate Interest
  • Post #3 – Connecting with personalized messaging
2 Step #1: Doing Cold Email Right way
  • Video Audit Email
  • Case-Study Email
3 Step #2: Connecting the dots, connecting people
4 Step #3: Have your Landing pages
5 Step #4: Be Aware of Scrappy Website
  • Understand Sub-par Websites
6 Step #5: Use a case study to Generate Leads
7 Step #6: Always ask for referrals from your past clients
8 Step #7: The power of keywords with a website
9 Step #8: Use SEO Audit Tool
10 Steps #9: Deep dive into Forums and Q&A Sites
11 Bonus: Let’s Get Started


Getting more attention following 3 posts to get SEO Leads

Plunging into spam box often many clients would find it flooding with failed SEO inquiries

The major and obvious reason these emails got rejected-

  1. There are several grammatical mistakes in the email.
  2. Low price interaction that clients badly avoid it
  3. At the first look, it seems like a sales page rather than a real synergy.

One biggest mistake you do posting high defined and converting templates getting from an online SEO expert with no editing. And all these have used commonly by the marketers severely.

If you really want to use it in real time, give a thought on modification and figure out the reason for other success on this and supervise it differently.

In this section, I will delve out the points by which I got great attention in the lead generation process. In this hustle-bustle world, we have to stand with a difference in this business.


Post #1 – Look forward to Clients Aspired Outcome

You- “I will help to bring you highly effective domain backlinks

Client – What did you say???

Your future customer does not know of this technical terms that’s why he wants to hire a smart guy like you.

In these cases, while meeting a client there is no point using such jargon that makes him obscure.

In this course of buying procedure, your focus should be how your customer could genuinely get benefited through your services.

You- “Let me inform you your main adversary (XYZ air duct company) has been ranking with a great number in Google likely to bringing over 100 extra leads every month, I would  love to help you on building strategy and emulate their success”

Now you sound familiar to the client, they could relate their goals. Clients need more business, not backlinks.

No doubt a backlink campaign could save you, after all, it is much needed however one has to concentrate and prioritize on those parameters what customers care about most.




Post #2 – Generate Interest

You work hard and have created a change in the video for your client which explains some crucial factor in their website SEO.

Next, you take action writing an email to that business owner

You can include two proven lines which make your client could take it forward

  1. Here is the video I am talking about( video link)
  2. Please express your view if I intrigue your interest I will forward the video.

With CTA #1 the client would easily hold off the video despite being interested.

How often clients put off watching videos. They assure however they delay watching the video.

With CTA#2  you explained that a special video you have made for them only. They would likely to reply a positive way. Once you get a response from a client, send it over again

At last, when they watch your great videos they will be less likely to abstain from it which means you have created an impeccable curiosity and expectation.

When clients say yes, send it over they feel more delighted and provide you some valuable feedback.


Post #3 – Connecting with personalized messaging

Keeping your message on leads crisp short and relevant is one of the key points wherever you are assimilating it.

Meeting someone cold in the first step you should not sell your services rather understanding the clients and help them for betterment with genuine interest. Later build a conversation if your services could fix their problems.

There is a notion that filling your email with detailed information would influence your client more.

However, the fact is the client would apprehend your intention to sell something after reading the first line of the email. And they won’t get delayed to delete your message.

In advertising, it is not exceptional. If it comes with a paragraph first then the main point bold it is obvious client would avoid fast.


Step #1: Doing Cold Email Right way

Most cold emails are a flop show.

In the earlier section “The three Steps of Getting One’s Attention” we have already mentioned the reasons-

  1. Major Reason grammatically incorrect format.
  2. Distracted from client desired result
  3. Never create curiosity
  4. Makes thing complicated

In this part, I will discuss some innovative ideas of effective cold emails. Let’s discuss two main strategies….

Using  Video Audit Email

You send a video and inquire if they are interested in video audit.

If they respond positively send them again your super smart video.

It is an incredible idea to shoot a video for your potential client however you will also experience many of them don’t respond to you. So keep yourself away from that client. And keep in mind not to share the link directly.

I would recommend some important tools like Loom and Screencast-o-Matic. Both are easily recordable and sharable of videos and link.

Your Video Should-

  • Avoid dreadful scary technical words, understanding your audience use simple English.
  • clear and transparent to convey the client’s desired outcome.
  • It should be within 10 min. Avoid in-depth discussion.
  • Numbers matter to the client, show the ample of opportunity by using SEMRUSH  Ahrefs and Keyword Planner

Case-Study Email

Often emails being sent by the SEO agencies are not at all customer friendly.

I want you to have a look at your past clients and choose any industry. ‘Oh, you worked with air duct machine out of Ohio? That’s great!’

Do a little research on other air duct companies – once you have done your introduction – use these lines to get the customer’s attention.

I have recently finished working with XYZ air duct company, if you search in Google you will see XYZ air duct company is now the first page. This is how it gets more traffic on its website.

Let’s mix up the formula of meaningful work plus the right desired result along with catchy remarks will save your soul. Case study email always stands apart in those packed in boxes.


Step #2: Connecting the dots, connecting people

Tried and tested method is always awesome to complete your listing.

Arranging and attending conferences and local meetups would definitely keep the flow of your prospect pipeline.

My vital suggestion would be to attend your meetups at the target cluster.

An SEO conference is a remarkable opportunity to meet like-minded people providing the same services. You might discover some businessmen who are seeking help however you might have hostility amidst of competition. seo conference

It might be more fruitful results on arranging some local business owner’s meet on a specific industry. Such meet might bring you some positive outcome.

Remember that people come to participate in this meeting to build up a network for growing their market.

Make yourself interested not interesting- Advice from “How to win friends and Influence People”

Be creative, make it out the what problem they want to resolve and how you could help them achieve their results.

Keep your conversations very simple and to the point like – “I would love to see your website if any room of improvement so that I could help”

Be professional, meet people with a business card, don’t distribute it meaninglessly. Be choosy, give it to them who have a real interest.


Step #3: Have your Landing pages

To offer services to your valuable clients why don’t you provide services to yourself.

You have your own company which runs Ad campaigns, website designing, SEO Lead generation.

Create separate pages for each service and all the pages must cover with substantial information along with local keywords and lead generation forms. There are many illustrations available by a simple search on google if you look up


Step #4: Be Aware of Scrappy Website

Unfortunately, even in 2019, there are some websites still exist which are bad-to-the-bone.

Changing them and their work pattern is not an easy task rather they are still happy following that outdated conventional method as they are doing fine with it.

Another challenge of these websites is they are developed in an insecure platform. For a WordPress developer, it is quite confusing and uncertain.

Things we need to focus on-

  • Check it first that if it is WordPress by means of [website.co]/wp-admin. In this case, if you get a technical error of 404, it is not WordPress.
  • There are some useful tools like BuiltWith.com under this check the content management system section ensuring that if it is using another platform such as Wix or Squarespace.


Understand Sub-par Websites

Following some easy steps, you could easily and comfortably understand local search term such as

  1. American HVAC
  2. Ohio pool cleaning
  3. California fine dining

You could start off with any of the searches and try to investigate more pages concurrently. Following such practice, you would get a fruitful result next 30 minutes of doing this practice.


Step #5: Use a case study to Generate Leads

The secret of successful agencies is a niche on industry specific. They choose one specific industry and work on that industry only and become the pro and weight grows subsequently.

However, your general ideas never fall apart, working as a niche or with the broader section your agency can monetize.

case study

Suppose you have done superb work with a flower store and you have done a case study page where you have input all the details.

Here people make a mistake as they are not using the asset that they have built for attracting more future customer. Only you have to step ahead and use the case study.

Though all terms might not be hundreds of clicks, however, there is room to be upset as the focus is on quality over quantity.

A case study would help you to digitalize the customer webpage for SEO. Explore the other areas of opportunity and set the budget.


Step #6: Always ask for referrals from your past clients.

Always maintain a good rapport with your past clients. A satisfied client comes with a benefit. Contacting your past client, make a warm introduction.

You strategize and seek a reference from them if they could know someone who wants the help of SEO for his business.

Offering a small percentage of referred sales from the list of your best clients might speed up the growth.

Referring to you is not a big deal, especially from those people are near and dear ones. However, challenges come as they become busy less to share. From your part create ready to go landing pages with the right information they could link for a referral.


Step #7: The power of keywords with a website

The key challenge of local SEO is to compete with your neighbor.

As compared from a broader perspective the challenges are minor in location-based keywords.

The model of rank and rent is here where you create lead generation using local keywords which conducts traffic to your websites later you convert them into business crediting some fees

Chase Reiner has a great write up on this that’s my favorite.

Earning yielding income with your great strategy all you have to get in touch with the business of gaining the benefits out. Through you easily enter your next client.

You may have still struggling to gain the confidence of your first client or want to prove your credentials, this is no doubt would bring you success to achieve that.

One important note there are some specific keywords as it has less offering, not in the row of high competition.

For instance, someone searches with the term ‘cakes shop (a small town), In bigger cities, it is controlled over by large marketing companies. Consequently, the results become irrelevant in small towns.

Suggestions could be, find out ten best local keywords near your small town that help you understand about local niche websites.  

Possibly, rank and rent formula might not work here but could be gripped your first client.


Step #8: Use SEO Audit Tool 

seo audit tools
Free audit tools are astounding and productive. Casting a presentation to your client audit data is a soul saver.

Are you scraping your head to find out the developer, just stress out and relax as there are many tools are available in the market and easily be installed with WordPress.

  • SEOMator – unlimited SEO audits at $19/ month
  • SEOOptimer – at $19/month.
  • SERanking – Rank tracking tools at $23.40/month


Steps #9: Deep dive into Forums and Q&A Sites

A helping hand always comes with value. Your proximity on Reddit SEO chat or Moz’s, or other business alliance there is a huge range to help others to earn their credence and cause business finally.

While peeking in a different channel, and I answered his questions, with an astonishment one unknown person later became a potential client of web designing.

As far as it concerns the forum, Quora is massively engaged and widely used for Q&A. The vast majority of marketers from varieties of the industry have involved here taking maximum benefit out of it.

In this business forum and Q&A sites spring up to help first. Don’t get tempted if someone asking for good SEO services, under influence never say you could help by providing service at $40 per hour.

Instead, guide them with the right answers detailing everything. Once the person replies you back with gratitude, send a message personally and gradually understand their business process and present your services as required.

Forum platform is so consequential not only could help on SEO-centric business but also an enormous business arena.


Bonus: Let’s Get Started

So far we have discussed some nine ideas for getting more leads.

Don’t get distracted with overwhelming overabundance options which leads to zero results.

Ask and analyze yourself and choose the right options among them and decide which to go with.

Do you want to go with-

Choose anyone and be pro on it later follows. I believe this above article would help you provide effective learning lessons. I wish you all the very best for your future endeavor for your future SEO services.