Five 2020 SEO Trends Your Website Needs To Follow

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Search engine optimization is what every digital marketer is raving about, and it’s not something that we can just follow a specific procedure and win at it. In fact, it’s not even an exaggeration to say SEO is alive. It keeps on evolving as long as there are internet users.

SEO is highly dependent on trends, which forces search engines, such as Google to change its algorithm patterns.

Competitor analysis plays a huge role in SEO, and it determines the ranking aspects of the keywords. In other words, mastering trendspotting is a crucial part of the entire SEO ordeal.

This is what makes it challenging for SEO specialists, with the ever-changing time, keeping tabs with all the trends is a full-time job they have to commit to. What’s more, it only takes a few months for their current practices to become obsolete.

So yes, it’s indeed a daunting profession, but it comes with great rewards when mastered. Today, we’re going to help you with the top 5 2020 SEO trends.

Top 5 SEO Trends in 2020

Google’s not the only one

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While every digital marketer out there is web optimizing their website for Google because of how the search engine king changed the game, it’s not the only thing you should be wary of.

However, the way people search is changing yet again, and there are search engine alternatives on how users pick-up information.

For instance, when it comes to looking up for online items, the first thing on the list is Amazon. It’s the king of e-commerce and continues to dominate the market.

In other words, if your product can be bought from online shops, you need to start making friends with Amazon right away.

Gone are the days where digital marketers are obsessed about being on the first page of Google because it’s the year where optimizing your website for mediums with search-like channel brings in sales as well.

Google Mobile-First Indexing

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Google’s been sending signals for years, and this time, they’re pursuing it even further. Google began giving penalties to non-mobile-friendly websites and increased rankings for mobile responsive websites.

Currently, searches are coming from smartphones, and it’s the website’s mobile versions utilized for indexing. Google announced it last year, and it’s now taking into play.

Featured Snippets

Long-time marketers know how important it is to be on the top page of Google, and how much it’s envied to be in that disposition. However, it’s no longer the holy grail of SEO.

In 2020, there’s a position higher than the top page where digital marketers are trying to rank.

While featured snippets aren’t a new concept to the industry, it’s only in the present time that they’ve become so important. As a matter of fact, these featured snippets show up every search.

These snippets typically answer the searcher’s questions, and they don’t directly work with the algorithm of search engines. The information is not sourced from the top-ranked page as well, so adding featured snippets into your SEO strategy allows you to be prepared.

Voice Search

Woman using the voice recognition function, phones , technologyVoice assistants are becoming more and more prominent as the years go by, and with the help of smart speakers, it seems everyone’s jumping the voice search bandwagon.

Users are no longer typing keywords into search boxes, searchers are starting to transition from typing into asking in their own voice.

It’s already a given that long-tail keywords give you more chances of winning than its short-tail counterpart. It’s because they’re highly targeted by the audience and more competitive.

Since the rise of voice search, searchers are including these long-tail keywords, allowing web marketers to take advantage of the fact.

Content Is King

The term Content is King is widely used by digital marketers for years simply because it’s the truth. Now that it’s 2020, nothing has changed, and it remains as the reigning supreme in SEO ranking.

Making a solid content strategy is crucial to the success of your business. Creating quality content that adds value to your audience gives you the favor of Google and SEO altogether.

All in all, having an evergreen content on your website will be your number 1 ranking factor in 2020. Content will continue to dominate in the many years to come.

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